What is an ethnodesign?

PlatesSome time ago I met a really nice girl from Poland. And she told me about “ethnodesign” what was (and maybe still is) very trendy in her country at that moment. It was very interesting for me. Every country has something what we can name as “folk culture” or “ethno culture”. It means whole culture form villages and from the past, like traditional folk songs, traditional clothing (different for every region) and also an art: paintings in houses, embroidery, ceramics and others.

etno homeOften these things are true masterpieces.
And the people from the cities at one moment begin to miss that world what exist no more. And if you can find something like this world – it is not the same already. It is full of plastic, of electricity and whole magic is gone. But there is a little hope: in a small villages live few old people yet, and they make all that true art. It is only few very old villagers and (it’s so sad) their creations are not so appropriate to fit in the cities. But – the people of cities are missing.
So the start to make their own design based on traditional folk art. They paint theirs flat with flowers form villagers’ skirts. They wear dresses and shirts with embroidery (made by automatics of course). They create a mass production of these “traditional” things, sell it and buy it. Make money.
I know, my words are so severe. The world is changing and I can’t stop it. And even I like this whole “ethnodesign” stuff. It is very aesthetic, some kind of pretty. And in my desk I keep pencil case with embroidery like these from Lowicz region.