RTM: Real Time Marketing – what it is?

marketingReal Time Marketing is now a very popular catchword. And there’s nothing strange: marketing is a base of success of your business. And RTM uses the viral potential.


So what is the Real Time Marketing?

In very easy way: RTM is a reaction for some event. And what is very important: that event must be unexpected, you cannot plan an action for the RTM.
Good RTM bases on viral potential, hashtags and social involvement. It is very easy: your reaction is good, funny or just well-turned and people want to share it with your friends (and also with strangers: in Internet everything is possible). But first you must show your creativity, speed of reaction and sense of humor.

Is every reaction for an event a RTM?

real timeOf course, no. First at all, RTM must be unprepared earlier. I say more: preparing RTM is impossible, because it bases on unexpected. That’s way the speed of reaction is so important. You have not so much time for preparing your communication.
But sometimes we can plan something. For example: the Olympic Games take place in specified date, so you have enough time to make whole communication strategy. But you don’t know who will win a gold medal, don’t you? And this is your chance to use the RTM.
So, remember: be ready, be prepared, be creative. Every day is a new chance for the RTM.