How to promote your travel blog?


OK, you decided to start to write about travel. You set up the website and made first post. You have your own URL and server, you have a lot of ideas for articles and also great photos from your journeys. But you haven’t any reader and fans. What can you do to change this situation?

Find your target

What kind of travel do you describe? Who wants to make the same journey as you – parents with little children, poor students, fans of luxury? It is very important to know who would like to read your posts. You can adapt your style to them for example. And you will know how to make a good (and effective) advert and where place it.

Take care of valuable content

Ask yourself: what kind of information are the most wanted? Imagine you are one of your readers. What do you want to know? Maybe something about packing. Or how to complete the formalities to travel to USA from Europe or New Zealand? Learn, what is esta nz. Write all of your ideas. Ask people about their favourite blogs and posts. Read a lot of articles.

Be active in social media

blog2Facebook, Instagram and maybe Twitter – be active and talk with your fans. At the beginning you can ask your friends for help. They can comment and like your posts and also invite new people to follow your site.

Useful information -

Think about paid adverts

Paid advertisement is the last thing you should do – after trying “free” methods. Adverts are also good idea to reach now fans and readers. But first – you should think how many money you can spend on it. Look for different kinds of advertisement. Google Ads? Facebook Ads? Maybe advert on someone’s blog? There is a lot od possibility. Think about your target group and the main theme of your blog and then decide.

Good luck!