3 books about design you must read

designinusaBe the best and take care about your progress. But how can you do it? For example by reading books. But it must be very good books, which give you really important knowledge.

Below I present you my own list of three book I find as very useful.
1. Design in the USA (Oxford History of Art)
This an absolutely must-have for every who is interested in design. In this book you can read about most known design project in history of USA. There are products which are known by people in whole world. But this book is not only about a history. It tells about social and cultural role of design too. In my opinion this is the most important book about design ever.
2. Design Basics
graphic designSecond most important book about design. At this moment you can buy the 9th edition – in my opinion it speaks so loud about quality of this book. It is the real handbook for every designer.
3. Graphic Design. The New Basics
This a kind of handbook, especially useful, when you are out of ideas and creativity. The authors show you step-by-step relationships between different elements of a final project.
Do you know other useful book about design? I really want to meet it!